Points: How it works

Now, for each interaction you have with our website, you’ll be able to gather points. These points will not only contribute to your lifetime points, affecting your ranking in the community, but will also contribute to gather style points. Style points are the Styling Up’s currency that will let you claim prizes for free like vouchers, clothes, shoes and accessories. To see what items are available to trade, just visit our Style Points Shop. It will be often updated with new items, so do check it every once in a while for the new freebies.

Lifetime Points

Lifetime points will let you increase your ranking within our website. Here’s the hierarchy:
Lvl 0 – Skin (0 Pts)
Lvl 1 – Nylon (50 Pts)
Lvl 2 – Polyester (100 Pts)
Lvl 3 – Cotton (200 Pts)
Lvl 4 – Linen (300 Pts)
Lvl 5 – Satin (500 Pts)
Lvl 6 – Denim (800 Pts)
Lvl 7 – Wool (1000 Pts)
Lvl 8 – Velvet (2000 Pts)
Lvl 9 – Silk (5000 Pts)

There are also two additional rankings, reserved to our stylists (Stylist) and administrators (Cashmere).

Style Points

You can gather style points by reviewing, rating, inviting friends and uploading photo reviews to our website. Some actions are worth more points than others. Here’s how you can achieve points:

Sign Up: 5 pts
E-mail verification / Facebook Sign Up: 10 Pts
Refer a friend: 10 Pts
Rating an Item: 1 Point
Reviewing an item: 5 Points
Reviewing an item and uploading a photo: 15 points

Please note the following:
- To receive points from reviews, the reviews must be approved by us. Only approved reviews will receive style points
- When you invite a friend using the “invite friends” button, you’ll only gain points when your friends sign up in our website

Some actions are limited:
- Using the rating feature, you can only rate up to 10 items
- We’ll only approve 2 reviews a day per user. Reviews should be insightful and based on your personal experience. All submitted reviews will be reviewed before submitted. We’ll not approve spammy reviews and/or reviews with less than 150 characters.

How to claim freebies in our style points shop?

This is based on a first come, first serve system. The first user that reaches the required style points and claims the item in our Style Points Shop gets the freebie. When we have a larger quantity of the same offer, the user won’t be able to claim the same offer more than once.
When an item is no longer available to be claimed, it will appear with the message “Claimed” and can no longer be claimed by any other user.
Once you claim an item from our style points shop, we’ll remove the correspondent style points from your profile. However, you’ll be able to gather new style points.

* Some offers are strictly available to UK users, so please do check all the detailed information before claiming offers. We may also ask for some additional information about the user that’s claiming the freebies, like postal address, but that is mainly for delivery purposes and according to our Privacy Policy that information won’t be shared elsewhere nor shared with third party companies.

We also advise that you read the Terms & Conditions of this website before posting.

Have questions about this? Drop us an e-mail through our contact form

Invite Your Friends

For each friend you refer to our website (a friend that signs up with the e-mail address to which you sent the invitation) you earn 10 points that you can use to trade for FREEBIES in our points shop.

Refer friends and earn style points