Your Body Type is: OVAL

As an Oval or Apple body shape, you have a full midsection (tummy), large bust and narrow hips. You tend to gain weight in your stomach and upper body, and your waist is undefined. Your legs and slender, and you should show them off.

Here are a few celebrities that also have an Oval or Apple body type:

How to dress an Oval or Apple body type

Here are a few styling tips on how to dress your Oval or Apple body type. The secret of dressing an Oval or Apple body shape is to de-emphatize your stomach and create a more defined waist. You can do that by choosing clothes that add curves to your lower body and tops that create a waist. You can wear different kinds of skirt lengths, but don’t go too short or you’ll be drawing attention to your midsection.


Look for tops that create a more defined waist:

- Square, wide U or V necks;
- Tops with belts;
- Wrap style tops and jackets with tie fastenings;
- Tops with vertical details or patterns;
- Tops that flare at the hip.

Look for bottoms that will balance your upper body with your lower body, by adding a bit of volume:

- Trousers with wide or full legs;
- Pants with details like embellished and flap pockets;
- Flared or bubble skirts;
- Mid-rise waist with wide waistbands.

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