Body Shape Calculator

Want to know the answer to the question “What’s my body type”? Once you know your body shape, it wil be much easier to find clothes that really flatter your body shape.

Your body type can be either Hourglass, Pear, Inverted Triangle, Diamond, Oval or Straight.

Every body shape should be dressed accordingly, in order to create the right proportions. We’ll also give you some styling tips on how to dress your body type.


Find your body type

Grab a measurement tape and measure your bust (a), waist (b) and hip size (c).
We recommend that you measure yourself while just wearing underwear.

a) Bust size

b) Waist size

c) Hip size


Already know your body shape?

Straight body type

The bust and hips are
pretty much the same size.
The waist is just slightly

Clothes for straight
body type >>

Hourglass body type

Your waist is well defined,
and your bust and hips are
basically the same size.

Clothes for hourglass
body type >>

Inverted triangle
body type

The bust is larger than the hips
and the waiste is not very defined

Clothes for inverted
triangle body type >>

Pear body type

The hips are larger than
the bust, and the waist
is well defined.

Clothes for pear
body type >>

Diamond body type

Your waist is larger than your
bust and hips. The shoulders
are narrower than your hips.
Breasts are small to medium.

Clothes for diamond
body type >>

Oval body type

The waist is larger than the bust
and hips. Your hips are narrower
than your shoulders. Breasts are

Clothes for oval
body type >>

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