About Styling Up...

What if you could enter a store where everything was hand picked for your body type, and size? A store where everything fits and flatters your body shape... with all the fun of shopping and none of the disappointment. We based our concept on answering this, and that's why Styling Up created its website.

Styling Up (stylingup.com) is a startup that wants to provide free personal styling to everyone, on a website. The company answers the needs of those who seek professional styling help but don’t have the time or budget to look for a stylist.

By registering in our website, you get a full personalized list of items that both fit and flatter your body shape. We calculate your body shape and size through your measurements, and then all you have to do is to find the garments you love the most. We selected some great personal stylists to work with us, and they will help you find outfits according to your style and the occasion.

We also know that stylists have different point of views, so we tell you the name of the stylist that picked that garment... for you to choose the stylist (or stylists) which you identify the most. We want you to know the stylists who are dressing you!

And the best of all, it’s FREE!

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